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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tuesday July 1st
Made it from Brush Mtn. Lodge to Rawlins yesterday - 91 miles. Biggest highlight was crossing into Wyoming! Otherwise just lots of road construction and some headwinds for the last 20 miles.

Today the Great Divide Basin! ...which gets its name because even though it sits on the continental - water in the Basin doesn't flow east or west - it just dries up. And the crossing is notorious for being long, hot, dry and WINDY!

Anyway - after a 5:15 start, my strategy of logging some miles before the winds picked up seemed to work. I was past the 40-mile paved section before the wind started, and it never did get too bad. After 14 hours, 132 miles and 1 crash in a nasty sand-filled rut I made it across and rode into Atlantic City (pretty strange name for a Wyoming town on the edge of a desert).

Also, mileage through today is 1460 so I have crossed the halfway point!

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