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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

THIS IS UPDATE #6: TD Minus 2 Days and Counting… 

IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS WEEKS’S FLATHEAD BEACON, CHECK IT OUT – Tristan Scott wrote a great story on the Tour Divide and our fund raising efforts!

Fund Raising Update: Thanks to a late flurry of pre-race activity, Pledges have reached $24,272, or 97% of the way toward my goal of $25,000 – That’s Great News… but guess what:

The goal is now $30,000!!

There is no reason to stop pledges just because the race is starting. The need is still there for both the Ski Heritage Center and the Race Team Training Center.
·       For the Ski Heritage Center, the additional funding will help with design and construction of the first exhibits, including the 10th Mountain Division Exhibit and the Hellraoring Ski Cabin exhibit.
·       For the Race Team Training Center, the additional funding will help
·       Every pledge helps the momentum, no matter how small:  1¢ per mile = $27;  2¢ per Mile = $54; 5¢ per mile = $135… etc.

Training & Preparation Update: With all the last-minute details to take care of, the training really slacked off form the last week, but it probably doesn’t hurt to rest up a little anyway.

Packing – ugh. Packing for a month on a bike is the opposite of packing for an overnight trip and your friends say “are you staying for a night or a week?” I think it’s all here. Someday when I get back I’ll label everything in this picture…

Tour Divide Race Update: Hey I have a Blue Dot! Go to and you’ll see my blue dot in Whitefish (I’m not really in WF right now, but that’s OK because my tracker won’t be on again until tomorrow.)

I just got to Spokane – need to pack and re-pack one more time. I fly out to El Paso tomorrow morning where “Big Dave” is picking me up, feeding us dinner and heading out to camp at Big Hatchet (sounds ominous). Big Dave is Dave Wilson – he has a blue dot too.

Start is at either 6:00 AM or 8:00 AM on Friday – depending on how the 8 of us vote.

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