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Friday, June 6, 2014

THIS IS UPDATE #5: TD Minus 7 Days and Counting…

Fund Raising Update: Thanks to a great Send-off party, Pledges have reached $21,272, or 85% of the way toward my goal of $25,000. Every pledge helps the momentum, no matter how small:  1¢ per mile = $27;  2¢ per Mile = $54; 5¢ per mile = $135… etc. And the anonymous dollar-for-dollar match for Race Team Training Center pledges is still in play!

FLASH: The fund raising doesn’t need to stop when the Ride starts! Any pledges coming in during the ride will just be more fuel to get to Banff – so follow my ride and spread the word!

Thanks to everyone who attended to Good Ride-ance Party Wednesday – we had a great time and raised lots of money for the Ski Foundation!

Training & Preparation Update: With all the preparation, my training has suffered a little this week – still a few good rides up Big Mountain.

 (My own personal reason for saving the statue…)

·      The bike went in to Matt at Sportsman for its final tune-up yesterday. New chain & rear tire, mechanical tweaks, etc. Also a few lessons in survival desperation on-the-trail bike repairs. GOOD TO GO!
·      After looking at numerous options for water treatment on the trail, I settled on a LifeStraw Filter (super light and compact) and Aquatabs for purification.
·      I picked up my final order of nutrition from Hammer including Perpetuem, Recoverite, Endurolytes, Hammer Bars & assorted vitamins  – now I just need to portion out 1/3 for packing and 2/3 for drop shipments. Still haven’t figured out where to drop ship to…
·      Still working on navigation – probably right up to the starting line. Stay tuned…

Tour Divide Race Update: Lots of communication regarding last minute route condition updates – including this from Fernie’s own Paul Attalla – who was leading the race last year until he went out with a knee injury between Helena and Butte:

Matthew Lee
2:26 PM (16 hours ago)
to bcc: me
Riders, Please read the below encouraging reports on the Canadian Flathead. Paul (fine TD veteran) later updated that the Howell Creek bridge on lower Cabin pass is intact.

Thank-you Paul!
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Paul Attalla <>
Date: Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 1:37 AM
Subject: Re: Seeking help with Fording Mine Rd
To: Matthew Lee <>

I just got in from a flathead recon.  

Good news
Cabin pass is looking good from the flathead side.  The bridge on Howell creek is replaced and active logging is under way up to km 80 on the cabin pass road.  The road is in great shape.  I was able to get about half way up cabin pass before I decided to turn around due to isothermal snow but it was spotty, shallow and melting fast.  My guess is that if the weather continues cabin pass will be fine with maybe 2 miles of walking at the most.  I never made it over the pass so I am not sure about snow on the other side but again I would expect little walking unless the weather changes.  I came in and left on Harvey creek rd which had been plowed all winter.  Looking at the snow there it is even possible that very little to no walking may be possible by TD start time on cabin pass.

Bad news
Speaking with loggers and hunters they tell me that flathead pass past Corbin is in very bad shape.  Riders should expect allot of water on the road and very cold feet.  It is not drivable but I was told once the snow on the summit is gone ATVs will be able to make it over the pass.  My interpretation is that riders should be fine.  However, I will continue to ask my logging and hunting friends more about this in the coming days.

Good news
The flathead road is in amazing shape, very smooth and fast due to active logging.  It seems that the weight of the haul trucks combined with the grader work has made the road from Harvey to cabin very fast and dry minus one short section.

Bad news
Very active logging.  Great caution for any riders not on the weekend or late Friday from Harvey pass to 80km on cabin pass rd.  I have put the word out to the loggers to expect a 100 riders from late Friday to Monday.  I will remind them again just before the start of  the TD.

Good news
I was told that a large logging camp is in place on the flathead rd about 5 - 7km south of the turn off to Butts cabin.  If anyone is trouble this could be used.  I do not know the exact location but will try to locate it.

I will attempt to get over Galton next weekend but I am sure it is also going to be a big shiny green light.

I will keep you posted.

Watch for my final pre-race update next week!

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