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Friday, June 27, 2014

Made it to Steamboat Springs yesterday around 12:30 PM. It made for a pretty short day which felt a little strange. However after my climb out of the Colorado River canyon the night before - 2 solid hours of granny-gear barely able to move fast enough to keep the bike upright - the short day felt pretty good. In fact I have since discovered that it is the toughest climb on the entire NOBO (Northbound) route!

I started passing SOBO's (Southbound Riders) early yesterday morning - probably 10 or 12 in all. VERY cold morning! 29 degrees when I came out of my tent at 5:30 - then I had to wade this creek first thing. My feet weren't happy!

For all of you watching my Blue Dot, DON'T PANIC. It's just taking a few days off while Cindy and I head down to Boulder for my Daughter Cauley's wedding - then back on the bike Sunday afternoon!

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