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Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 28 -
So through Steamboat Springs, my Garmin tells me that so far I have logged 1,185 miles, 78,109 vertical feet of climbing and 62,750 calories - although I suspect the calorie number is only about half the actual number because it is only an average per mile for all cyclists, not based on my actual power output.

This equates 44% of my total projected mileage and 39% of my total vertical ridden so far.

Also, 16 Continental Divide crossings done, 14 to go.

I took the bike in for a check-up in Steamboat - Results: New Chain, New brake pads (old ones totally shot), Bleed front brakes, Tighten and re-seal bottom bracket, New rear derailleur lower idler pulley, adjust both derailleurs.

Back on the Bike tomorrow to ride out of Colorado and into the "Great Divide Basin" of Wyoming.

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