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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

TD Minus 37 Days and counting...

Milestone Day Today! I went over the 1,000 Mile mark in training miles for this year - starting on March 15.
But several other statistics are interesting as well: Total elevation gain of 71,000' = 71'/Mile. The entire Divide route is supposed to be 200,000', or 74' per mile, so I'm not too far off the pace. However almost all my miles so far are on paved roads (mostly the Big Mountain road) with no load on my bike.

The average speed of 11.4 MPH looks OK, but again, that's mostly on paved roads.

I'll be attempting my first loaded-bike long ride (80 - 100 miles) on Sunday up near Eureka. If I can find that many miles of unpaved roads with some long climbs it should be a good test - however I'm betting that much of it will end up on pavement.

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