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Sunday, May 4, 2014

T Minus 40 Days and counting - Whoa This is Getting Serious!

A few posts back I mentioned that I had divided my preparation into 5 categories, and 2nd on the list is "Navigation, Communication & Electronics".

Navigation is probably the most crucial of these items. The route takes a very circuitous path from Mexico to Banff, often on unmarked and sometimes unnamed roads and trails, and always sticking close to the Continental Divide. The Adventure Cycling Association puts out a great map set for the entire route, and these maps and a compass are the ultimate back-stop for all navigation. However today's technology allows for options that are a lot closer to the "turn-by-turn" navigation that we all use in our cars - but it's still a challenge because a lot of the roads and trails are not part of a mapping data base like Google Maps or Garmin Base Maps. The best option I have found so far is the relatively new Garmin Edge Touring Plus: a made-for-bikes GPS navigation unit that rides securely on the handlebar stem.

I have downloaded way-points for the entire route from the Adventure Cycling Association, and then uploaded them onto the Garmin unit. The route now shows up as a purple line on my Garmin Base Map that (hopefully) I can follow all the way to Banff! If you see my Blue Dot straying off course - please give me a call - I might be in cell range...

More on "Blue Dots", and "Communication & Electronics" next time...

1 comment:

  1. as of now this is where you can find the official/unofficial GPS track:
    note--I would expect some last min detours--monitor the 2014 thread at for said detour info
    minor point--self supported 'racing' means per rules--no outside calls to help with navigation--ie: you take a wrong turn you deal with it on your own
    best of luck with your final prep!!