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Sunday, April 27, 2014

T Minus 47 Days and counting...

Just got the Aero Bars - Thanks Trev!
It seems a little odd to be riding around with a Triathlon set-up on a mountain bike... kinda looks like a wannabe. 

But check this out - The Cordillera (the ultimate bible on last year's Tour Divide) says that 82.4% of the riders in 2013 used Aero Bars.

Two reasons: over the course of 2,700 miles, even a little bit of aerodynamic improvement does make a difference, and it's not hard to improve on Mountain Bike aerodynamics.
Also, over the course of multiple 100-mile days it's nice to be able to change up positions once in awhile. Going from Upright for the climbs and tough descents, to Aero for the flats and easy descents is a great way to give the hands, wrists, arms shoulders and back a change of pace.

Other interesting stats from last year's race:

  • 98.3% ride 29'ers (So long 26" bikes) 
  • Frame Material: 40% Titanium, 22.8% Carbon, 21.1% Steel, 15.8% Aluminium
  • 91% Hardtail
  • 60% Rigid (No front or rear suspension)
  • 9% Single Speed (Masochists)
  • 82% Tubless

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