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Monday, April 14, 2014

T Minus 59 Days and Counting...

Cindy and I went to Spokane for a quick get-away last weekend. Actually the perfect get-away, because I never set foot in a store! I had never been on the Centennial Trail westbound so it sounded like a good idea - until I discovered it was training day for Bloomsday... Actually I just followed Lance, the waters parted and we blasted through just like Alp d'Huez! The crowds only lasted for a few miles (So did Lance so he is obviously off PHD's).

With a little pre-ride exploration on Google Earth, I discovered some great back-country riding along the Spokane River...

And then some great views of the Spokane Skyline headed "back to the barn".

I just want to say what an AMAZING resource the Centennial Trail is - running more that 50 miles from Coeur d'Alene to Nine Mile west of Spokane.

I felt OK about 200 miles in 3 days, I just need to cut it down to 200 miles in 2 days, do it on gravel roads with a lot more elevation gain, and then do it for 25 - 30 days straight. Oh well, 2 more months to get ready.

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