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Sunday, March 30, 2014


The Rider – Tim Hinderman, Executive Director, FVSEF
Target Start Date – June 13, 2014, Antelope Wells NM (Mexico Border)
Target Finish Date – July 12, 2014, Banff, Alberta Canada.
To Benefit – Ski Heritage Center Museum of Skiing and Flathead Valley
Ski Education Foundation

GDMBR World's longest off-pavement cycling route: 2,711 miles
90% off-pavement, mainly back-roads and trails
Crosses Continental Divide 30 times
Highest point 11,910 feet Indiana Pass, Colorado  

Totally Unsupported
Continuous Start-to-Finish Time
No Rest Days
Average 100 Miles per Day

Flathead Valley Ski Education Foundation – Established in 1973, FVSEF is a Valley-wide nonprofit community-based organization dedicated to the promotion of athletic, academic and personal excellence through educational and competitive programs in skiing and ski racing. FVSEF participants become better athletes, better students and better citizens… For Life!
Major FVSEF Initiatives for 2014 and beyond
·        Race Team
o   Bring National Championship caliber races back to Whitefish
o   Regain status as the premiere program in Montana, Top 10 program in the US
·        Ski Heritage Center Museum of Skiing
o   Tell the story of the rich and colorful history of how skiing helped shape the Whitefish that we know today.
o   Educate our member families, our community and our visitors about skiing as a vital component of our local culture. 
I am soliciting pledges for miles ridden in support of FVSEF and the Ski Heritage Center. At 2,700 miles, a pledge of a dollar-a-mile equals $2,700. My goal is to solicit pledges totaling $25,000 prior to my departure from Antelope Wells, New Mexico on June 13th. After that all I have to do is RIDE!
Tim Hinderman
“The hills go on forever and the climbing never ends…”

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